OK, it's been a while, I think I'll do a bit of blogging again, finally. I'll start off with a humourous take on a recent news item; I'm thinking I may make this a regular feature (or as regular as they get, anyway; anyone got any e-Metamucil?), since the worst possible way to misinterpret public statements often occurs to me.

In a story today about a possible massacre by troops allied with the government against rebels in the Ivory Coast, one quotee was talking about the idea of giving the rebels and their allies some representation in the government.
"There is no room for the rebels or the RDR in the government. You can't kill people and then become a minister," said Joel Tiehi of the so-called Young Patriots Alliance.
So, apparently, he thinks you have to become a minister, then kill people! Now it's all clear.

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