It's a sad day today (or a sad night tonight, really).

On the way home from getting coffee at Fuel, I usually go past my newly preferred late-night dining establishment, Bay View Family Restaurant. Newly preferred because it's in the area I've recently moved to; I don't get to go to it as often as I'd like, though.
But tonight, turning onto Kinnickinnic where it's located, there was something different about it. Like the swarm of flashing lights on emergency vehicles in the street in front of the place, perhaps. Yeah, I think that was it. And the smoke pouring out of the restaurant across the street? Yeah, I don't remember that being a regular feature there, either; at least, I never saw their grease fires get that big while I was there.

I don't know if anyone was hurt, whether they were open or closed at the time or not (they close early on Mondays), but I do hope it'll still be there for me to eventually return to, someday.

P.S. I guess I might have mentioned, I've even updated my other blog, the "GhiaPet.Net" one. Noteworthy news there, and more forthcoming soon. Wow, what's next? Something besides an "under construction" page at GhiaPet.HomeIP.Net?!?

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